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Lavender & Sage was birthed out of a desire to share tools for Self-healing & growth we've gained on our own healing & spiritual journey. We seek to integrate the wisdom of Nature into all aspects of our lives. 

Currently we offer Reiki experiences, a technique for promoting healing & balance in the body through the transfer of life-force energy through the hands of the practitioner.

We're moving to the rhythm of Earth's heartbeat moment to moment. 

much gratitude to Root Life Organic Media!

Our Offerings


One-on-One Reiki Experience

Tiffany will facilitate an experience for you to experience the relaxation & balancing effects of reiki for the mind, body, and spirit in a private one-on-one session.

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Long Distance Reiki Experience

Tiffany will faciliatate an experience for you to experience the relaxation & balaning effects of reiki for the mind, body, spirit through distance over phone or video-call.


"I definitely felt it...I feel so much better...I felt like things were moving...I have so much energy to *fist pump* go rest!"



"Hey thanks again for the session! It was such an uplifting and calming moment for me. Now that im home with my self and my thoughts i realize how calm i still feel even after its been a couple hours after our session. Its weird its like im looking at things differently now and i can take the time to appreciate everything around me and live in the moment . You have such a beautiful spirit and im so glad i had the chance to share this experience with you. I cant wait for my next session! I’ll definitely be hitting you up next month!"


“What I experienced today was amazing! Going in I felt nervous, curious and excited but by the end of our session I felt a sense of relief, I felt grounded , I felt light, I felt ready to deal with life and I took away three simple words, Deal, Heal and Set free✨”


Skyler Adelson

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