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lavender and sage flow

maintaining balance so all will flow

natural holistic connection with the divine

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About Us

Lavender & Sage Flow is the creation of elé~shofa~bìn (Tiffany Jonai) . We integrate the wisdom of Nature into all aspects of our lives.

We catalyze beings into unraveling into their freest, organic selves through connecting with ancient, indigenous modalities of aligning with nature and the organic self within.

We share tools, modalities, and technologies of healing, soul remembrance, and self-determination.

We're dancing to the rhythm of Earth's heartbeat moment to moment. 

much gratitude to Root Life Organic Media!

Our Offerings


One-on-One Reiki Experience

Tiffany will facilitate an experience for you to experience the relaxation & balancing effects of reiki for the mind, body, and spirit in a private one-on-one session.

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Long Distance Reiki Experience

Tiffany will faciliatate an experience for you to experience the relaxation & balaning effects of reiki for the mind, body, spirit through distance over phone or video-call.


"I definitely felt it...I feel so much better...I felt like things were moving...I have so much energy to *fist pump* go rest!"

~Brian, on Reiki Healing Experience

"Hey thanks again for the session! It was such an uplifting and calming moment for me. Now that im home with my self and my thoughts i realize how calm i still feel even after its been a couple hours after our session. Its weird its like im looking at things differently now and i can take the time to appreciate everything around me and live in the moment . You have such a beautiful spirit and im so glad i had the chance to share this experience with you. I cant wait for my next session! I’ll definitely be hitting you up next month!"

~Angel, on Reiki Healing Experience

“What I experienced today was amazing! Going in I felt nervous, curious and excited but by the end of our session I felt a sense of relief, I felt grounded , I felt light, I felt ready to deal with life and I took away three simple words, Deal, Heal and Set free✨”

~Shannon, on Reiki Healing Experience


Skyler Adelson

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